Thursday, 10 September 2015


Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog my lovelies.  As I mentioned on my Instagram, today I’m going to discuss all the details of the bridal tea/shower that I threw for my sister before we flew out to Canada for her Nikah

I’m going to split the deets in three parts - the theme, the tea and the entertainment

The theme of the bridal tea was of florals and pastels which was lead by the backdrop I formed for my sister by bright pink and white fans and grey pom poms. I had to add grey pom poms to lighten out the bright pink fans and to ensure it was blending in with the theme. My sister likes very minimal and simple themes which is why I didn’t want to go with something too bold. I bought the pom poms and the fans from Etsy and they were honestly not expensive at all. I bought a lot of them and stuck them to the wall in an assorted pattern in the room I had laid the table for the tea. 

Funny story guys (more of a disaster) - I woke up in the morning after a whole nights handwork on the backdrop and all the adornments were on the floor! Honestly felt like cancelling everything but “man’ned” up and stuck it all back! 

The reason why I chose this theme was because i felt as the Tiffany’s Bridal Shower theme became very common and I didn’t see such a theme. My sister is a floral fanatic which lead to the addition of florals with pastels. All the girls wore pastel pinks and nudes which made it look as we all actually went shopping together and picked the outfits but in all honesty, it was all a coincidence that everyone picked nudes and pinks as their pastel colour. I didn’t want the floral part of the theme to be overpowering which is why I incorporated it through the flower crowns. All the girls including myself wore flower crowns and it didn’t drown the theme of pastels. 

Being the maid of honour, I wore the sash ‘Maid of honour’ and I had a customised one for my sister which states ‘Future Mrs Shabaz’. As I told the bridesmaids to wear floral headbands with pastel colours, I wore a pastel lilac shirt from ASOS which had sequin work. I bought this top ages ago and just didn’t wear it anywhere.I paired the complete outfit with my nude/brown new look barely there heels. I would tell you guys about what my sister wore but she’ll be doing a blog post soon about it on her blog so I don’t want to ruin her post by giving away too much. 

The invites were produced by Etsy. Etsy is honestly an amazing online website as it has everything from vintage to trending products. They had various types of invites on their website but this one really caught my eye with the slight show of flowers and the detailed focus of the bridal tea invite. 

Moving on towards the tea (my fave part duhh) So to accompany my vintage tea, the crockery was vintage china crockery. I wanted everything to settle in with the theme which is why i made sure that the crockery was vintage. In my eyes. i believe that vintage china crockery gives a very sophisticated feel and the floral detail on the crockery related back to the floral sector of the theme. The table was set with tea pink napkins and name placement! 

The tea was accompanied by afternoon tea platters which had sandwiches, wraps, cheese and onion mini muffins, mature cheddar and onion rolls, macaroons and cheesecake bites. I ordered everything from the Marks and Spencer party food section and it was all ready in two days. 


The favours I gave were candles and photo frames which i bought from Ikea. The original idea was to engrave ‘ShabazandMaria’ in the candles but because of time, I wasn’t able to. The photo frames had silver vintage detailing and had a picture of my sister and the friend, the favour was going to. 

The present I gave my sister was a necklace from Tiffanys! 

For the entertainment, I planned two games. The first one was ‘The newly wed game’ where I asked my sisters husband, the answers to a few questions and my sister had to guess what he would have said to the question asked. If my sister got them wrong, she had to keep a macaroon in her mouth and couldn’t chew till she got the right answer. The second game was ‘Guess the love story’ where everyone had to guess how my sister and her perfect man met and how things fell into place between them two! Honestly the stories were hilarious! 

I set us props for everyone to use whilst taking the pictures which included a frame stating ‘Maria’s Bridal Shower’ and a banner ‘Miss to Mrs’. I didn’t want to overdo the complete theme so i kept the props completely minimal. 

The evening ended with my sister cutting a cake. The cake was made by Slattery’s. I took inspiration from the cake from cakes on Pinterest and further improvised with the help of the people at Slattery’s. Honestly everything at their bakery is to die for! I didn’t want to leave once i got there. The cake was a crisp gold cake with feathers and edible pink flowers. It was extremely detailed like a tower of gold. I set the table with pink candles and flowers for my sister to cut her cake within them. I wanted my sister to have everything she loves which is why i mainly put flowers and candles! 

Alhumdullilah my sister is now happily married. Thank you for reading! I hope you guys liked it! Stay tuned for more posts xx

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