Saturday, 25 November 2017


Hii angel faces! 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Especially with all the cray sales going on, i hope you have all managed to nab a few good bits and pieces! 

Today, I am bringing to you all one of the most coolest collaborations I have done till date!

I am bringing to you all one of the pieces from the Aisha Naheed Winter Wonderland Pret Collection.   The collection consists of all things that are in trend - yes I'm talking about pearls and velvet!

I feel like the entire year has consisted of velvet or pearls, no matter which store or fashion week you look at! 

I picked out the piece which attracted me the most because you all would know from my Instagram, how much i have been loving pearls and velvet, and on top, there is also embroidered flowers on the shirt!

I loved the contrast of the minimal velvet top with embroidered flowers on alongside, the cream flares full of pearls and lace! 

Flares have been in for so long and being 5ft, i always find them extremely unattractive on myself because they make me feel even more short and blobby. However, these flares have the perfect fit. You can dress them up by wearing a 'loud' shirt and go all out or you can give them the perfect contrast with plain velvet, like I did!

Lastly, I paired the entire outfit with my everyday jewellery and the blingy Jimmy Choos! One of my fave pair of heels I have ever worn, comfort and beauty wise! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading up. I can't wait to bring you more! I have linked all accounts to the Aisha Naheed line below! Hope you all like their pieces the way I have. 

Lots of love to each and every one of you! x, M

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This post was kindly sponsered via Aisha Naheed Official.

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